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Delta Royale Sterilized Cream – Tetrapack

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Brands: Delta Royale Cream, Delta Milko
(Private label available)
Packaging Used: Primary Packaging: tetrapack
Secondary Packaging: Printed corrugated carton
Ingredients: Skimmed cow’s milk powder, Pure refined vegetable oil, Emulsifiers & stabilizers (E471 from vegetable source, E401, E407, E339)
Technical Specification: Total Solids: 30.5%
Fat: 23.5%, Milk Solids Not Fat (MSNF): 7%
Preservation Method: Sterilized by retort process
Storage and Distribution: Store in cool and dry place. Transport at ambient temperature.
Intended Use: Ready to use and can be used for further processing.
Sensitive: None
Shelf Life: 12 months, 18 months and 24 months
Packaging Specification with Loading Type and Approximate Quantity
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