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Semolina is prepared from wheat by grinding or milling processes in which the bran and germ are essentially removed and the remainder is comminuted to a suitable degree of fineness

Brands: Delta Royale
(Private label available)
Ingredients: Wheat
Technical Specification: Chemical Parameters: Moisture Content: < 14.5%, Protein: <10.5%, Ash: <1.3%
Microbial Parameters: Coli forms: Absent, Salmonella: Absent, Yeast and Molds: 0.05% max
Preservation Method: Packed and sealed inside Tins in humidity controlled atmosphere
Packaging Used: Primary Packaging: Food Grade lacquered Tins
Secondary Packaging: Printed Corrugated Cartons
Storage and Distribution: Store in cool and dry place. Keep tightly closed after each use. Transportation at ambient temperature
Intended Use: Used in making pasta, breakfast cereals, pudding
Sensitive: Contains Gluten
Shelf Life: 24 months
Packaging Specification with Loading Type and Approximate Quantity
Packaging Size
400g X 24
Packaging Type
Qty. per 20ft
Qty. per 40ft
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